Holding My Friend

Holding My Baby

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Tonight I feel like hugging my furry baby. She, as per usual, is quite uncooperative on the hugging stakes, however perhaps she knows that I want a hug, so settles down on my lap as a compromise.
After two flat tyres this year (both which required replacing) and a breakdown a few weeks ago, I thought my run of bad luck with cars was over. My bank account hoped so too. Unfortunately, the car has other ideas. It has ceased to function again – which is quite infuriating when the car is only a little over 3 years old and has been serviced regularly. So it’s mum to the rescue again helping me out with some transport issues. She’s also playing “rescue” for my brother tomorrow through impromptu child minding duties. Could be worse I suppose… my colleague announced he had $3 in his bank account ’til Thursday. At least I know that I have enough money to pay for the repairs – there will just be less spent on art for a little while!

Today my dad got some good news. His health hasn’t been so great for a few weeks now. I’m so pleased for him that this was just a little blip and he will be back on track swinging golf clubs very soon. I’ve no doubt that he has already regained his sense of humour and begun annoying my mother be sticking fruit stickers on her bread board. Given the past few weeks, I’m sure that she will be delighted to be annoyed by his teasing again rather than watching him worry and be uncomfortable. For my part, his road to recovery means that I have less obligation to complete my blog (for it was serving as much needed entertainment while confined to the home). Pretty sad when my blog is entertainment, but I suppose any port in a storm…


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  1. Glad your Dad’s on the mend Lysh, as for the car – grrrrr, can’t live with em, can’t live without them! As for the art – some interesting works in progress, I like the section you have cropped of the wing. Keep enjoying the process.Mx

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