Road to Nowhere

Originally uploaded by scroobious_pip

Ok dad, this blog post is for you, so you better bloody comment ok?

I have to say that I don’t know how interesting it will be as I have pins and needles from sitting on my feet and I’m suffering from mouse finger.

Chilli is out of sorts tonight, despite fresh supplies – none of that bottom of the packet rubbish for madam. Earlier in the evening she took to chasing a piece of tie-wire all around the living room. That 3 inch piece of black pastic was clearly an enemy of the state that had to be dealt with. I am pleased to proclaim the death of the tie-wire as she has decided to go back to HER armchair.

The painting to the right is the third of my “developing” canvases. Who knows where it is leading… My strange sense of humour has kicked in with regard to the title. Not sure that I like the colours – particularly that greenish splodge, but love the texture that is developing in the bottom left hand corner. Ahem… did I say bottom left hand corner… well watch this space, because tomorrow that corner may be at the top again. I certainly haven’t decided which direction is up.

Ok, dad, pud… hit me with it… I know that it can’t be polar bears in this painting. What apparition do you see? What manifestation, emergence, arrival or materialisation have you found? (And yes I had to use a thesaurus for that one).


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  1. Could be the rainbow serpent or even the yellow brick road or as titled, the road to nowhere. Cannot see any beasties.

  2. Like all the texture bit’s a lot, love the bottom corner of perhaps the top corner. not sure about the “road” could be a gum tree branch or an oci tentacle if we are looking for beasties. Maybe the road needs to be a bit more rutted …. more texture or something. Dad’s still on the animal kick with his snakes.

  3. As with life, the journey is as important as the destination. I think the journey of creativity is made more exciting, and perhaps, honest, by working from your gut rather than trying to make it look like something you have seen before.

    It’s good to have a destination in mind or at least some idea of where you’d like to go but you are always on the journey so that should be the most important place!

    Chilli will guide you!

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