Heat gun death

Free plan 008

Originally uploaded by scroobious_pip

Yes, the heat gun really has died this time. The switch has gone all wiggle-de-woggle-ly. A highly technical term meaning doesn’t work!

I’ve posted a picture of a quite developed, but still uncomplete art work. I’ve been taking pictures as I’ve gone along and this is the 8th photograph. As the piece is yet to be finished, it has no name. As such, it appears on my flickr site as free plan 001 through free plan 008. Now I’ve had a complaint that this is no name for a lady. True. But I’ll wait until the lady is ready to make her debut in the world; her proclamation of being a complete work; before I worry about her title.

The second piece of feedback I’ve received is her breast is too large. I sit here and defend it as being in proportion as my eye looks to the reference photograph (a 1920s black and white photo). I remain more concerned that her calf is too fat near her ankle. Also there is a little piece of lighter red on the right hand side of the picture which continues to irritate me. And if I’m in the mood for documenting what is bothering me, I’m not sure about the dark pink on the underside of her arm either.


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