Random Collage

Detail 6

Originally uploaded by scroobious_pip

I received the following question on my flickr site and thought it was good fodder for blogging.

“I wonder if any of the seemingly random collage elements actually end up being the most logical after the piece is finished? or rather do you plan the whole image out and then meticulously collage appropriate elements, like the clocks?”

The easy answer is that I do not plan the whole image out. In fact, the less planning the better! I am prone to perfectionism in my life. It drives me nuts. I am not able to shut it up very easily. I therefore deliberately do things in my art that I can’t control… like washes, or charcoal, or drawing in pen. About the worst thing I can do, is sit with a pencil, an eraser and sketch, because super P has a field day.

As for are the collage pieces random? Well… do I put my hand in a tray and decide to work with whatever I pull out? Apart from tearing randomly from the dictionary on whatever page it happens to fall, no, I don’t do completely random.

But, it is not a planned process. I simply look through my materials and pull out what calls to me. I don’t worry whether what I’m pulling out logically goes together. I just select whatever says “pick me!”

I rarely go looking for a particular thing… a clock, a gargoyle, or a button. Yet because this is a commission, some elements are deliberate e.g. the music. 

The clocks are a case in point where a seemingly random thing, can end up being one of the most logical. I had no intention of putting clocks in this piece. Yet, when I was browsing my collage materials and saw them, I was reminded of a comment made by the person who has commissioned this piece, so they went in!

By the end of the painting, you may not be able to see those clocks anymore. Often the words I may include are at least partially covered as well. Yet I strongly believe that even if the element has long since been masked and is invisible, that whatever it is, still contributes to the feel of the piece as a whole.


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  1. Excellent, I guessed that was the case because I follow a similar path in my work.

    The more I study about psychology and the science of how the mind works the more I trust in being able to find the right elements in art.


  2. I love this work Lysh, I hope we get to see the full piece. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog, I think saying my work has an ‘abandon’ to it is a compliment, I try not to make it structured and never plan ahead, I just let the process happen and see where it takes me.

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