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Playing with photoshop is both fun and frustrating. The image to the right was based on a sketch which feature an orchid (a paph commonly known as a slipper orchid), a chequerboard floor which I had laboriously coloured in, and a victoria cross medal.

That’s probably a strange combination of images but then again… why not? I put together whatever jumps out at me at the time. If I think too much about whether they should go together, I find that my art feels a little too forced.

Anyway, back to photoshop. Some people can make the most amazing digital artwork. I’m sure that if I were to undertake a course, or even a little more personal reading on the subject, that my skills in photoshop would move forward in leaps and bounds.

But no matter how learned (or not!) I come to be on the subject, I know that I will continue to love sloshing paint around. There’s something about the whole painting exercise that is special in it’s own right. The fact that whenever you wear “painting clothes”, you somehow manage to avoid getting painting on them… but as soon as you dare paint even the slightest thing in something decent; that’s when paint will adorn your clothing. The fact that brushes become glued together because of my laziness in washing out the gel medium. I give them the stick test. If the brushes still moves – even as one whole piece – then it’s a viable brush. Once the bristles are the same rigidity as the shaft of the brush, it’s a stick and not much good for painting any longer. (You can tell that I buy cheap brushes).

I know that this post is perhaps a little waffly… if there is such a word. Perhaps that fits with the neat and rigid sketch which has become grainy, blurred and had the chequerboard floor pulled in different directions, like when you drizzle chocolate in a vanilla mix and run a skewer through it… Perhaps the picture title fits the post as well.


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  1. I’ve found that there are two ways to learn art, one you can study text books and copy step by step or tell yourself you are an artist and just wing it.

    I’ve been winging it for years and prefer it that way! I think if you try to think like an artist then you are one!

    My brushes are a horrible mess too!

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