No expectations… nice result

Warm up exercise 4

Originally uploaded by scroobious_pip

Expectation is a strange thing. When I start a piece of work hoping for something special, I often end up disappointed and scratching my head for ideas. A week ago, my two art buddies, suggested a “warm up exercise”… getting an image of a face and painting over it heavily. Over the next four nights the picture grew for me. Both in size as I extended it beyond the original collaged piece, and in texture and depth. Dress making pattern was added to her face; as was gel medium transferred writing, leaves, twigs and sequin waste stencil patterning. I enjoyed making this piece and at the end… I conclude, no expectations = nice result. Amazing what one can do without any pressure from within to create “art”.


Posted on June 16, 2008, in Art. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. excellent idea and one I have found to be true myself.

    One thing I started years ago was to work on many projects simultaneously and the pressure to work on one particular thing is not there as much!

    (and if you start to feel stuck on one and risk overworking one you can step back and wait while you work on something else!)

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