Warm up exercise continued

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Not only did this warm up exercise, take the entire art night, but it has continued into tonight as well!

I love art night. Well, actually, I have to confess that I don’t particularly relish the 45 minute drive there in usually heavy traffic; nor the drive home, or getting up the next morning when I didn’t go to bed until 11:30; but apart from these very minor things… I love art night.

The three of us meet physically and artistically, and then we each wander in our own direction… metaphorically speaking.

Take last night’s warm up as an example. To not worry about the image, we each selecting a magazine or photo to work from. The idea was simply to paint flesh tones.

Let me first point out how courageous Ursula was… because she chose to paint one of her children. I think this is courageous because nearly every art book I’ve ever read on portrait painting says that children are much more difficult than adults. The more wrinkles the better! (Perhaps this is why one of my favourite pieces I have done is of a 104 year old man!)

Megan’s courage took a different turn. (I would be hyperlinking to their blogs here, if only I could remember how!) While Ursula had such smooth skin to work with, as her opaque paint covered over the image, she had another copy of the photo as reference. Megan on the other hand, “opaqued” her image with no reference point, so it left her guessing where the upper eye lids and eyebrows once were.

Mine… well a very different sort of courage. I started trying to paint realistic flesh tones, but the perfectionistic part of me started to kick in, so I reverted to using any which colour I liked. Part of me would say that was wimping out, and didn’t take much courage at all. But finding a way to defeat… or at least put quiet… one’s perfectionism for a while, is no easy feat. I am sure that any perfectionist who has ever found themselves cursing their inability to just let something be “not right”… will understand what I am talking about. I could easily talk myself into thinking that the two artists across from me were being bold and I was reverting to my comfort zone. But in a rare moment of kindness to myself, I think that is unfair. There were three artists in that room, each challenging herself. As I say, we meet physically and artistically, and then wander in our own direction. Which is how it should be really… and I cannot think of two better people to share that experience. Thank you both.


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  1. you have a lot of wonderful artwork here!

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