Irons and I don’t mix!

It is fantastic weather for heavy long winter skirts. Today I wore the first skirt I made in dressmaking just over a year ago to work. It’s long, brown and so full of fabric, that if you kick your shoes off and curl up your legs, it could double as a blanket. Ironing it was a challenge. In the end I gave up looking at crinkles that I believed I had already eliminated and ironed, once, twice or three times over. As there is so much fabric in it, I hoped the crushed part would fall in the folds.

And I was right. Because once I had it on, I could no longer see any wrinkles.

Tonight, I finally finished the hem on another skirt that I have made with the help of my very knowlegdable, but slightly eccentric, dressmaking teacher. Some people would look twice at you, when you turn up with an 1890s skirt pattern. But I guess that’s one thing I love about dressmaking and my teacher. I can make clothes for me. They fit me, they express me, they are me. I love this skirt which is actually the “mock up”. But instead of using calico, she sent me off to find a fabric that was not too expensive but may just be wearable. The fabric is a grey-green with a lovely weave. And to top it off… it has a gorgeous button (not done justice by this photograph). Some were expecting a more spectacular feature button given the time and energy that went into selecting it. So it was to my delight when another dressmaking student said to me – I love the button!

Wearing clothes you have made, is special.


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