Collage Jun 1 2008

Collage Jun 1 2008

Originally uploaded by scroobious_pip

One of my favourite pieces from the last fortnight, this piece is very me. One of the images is a gel medium transfer which has been painted over. Transfers were already a love prior to Misty’s class, but I never “painted” over the top of them. Sometimes I would add a glaze, but not paint in details. Collage was also a love, and this piece just pulls a lot of those elements together for me. Most of all, it was without much thought. I didn’t plan to put these particular elements together. There is no message or story here that I am trying to convey. I just picked what shouted at me the loudest and worked fast. I love the result. Many thanks to Ro Bruhn for the chequerboard paper that you see in the bottom left hand corner.


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  1. Hi Lysh
    It was great to meet you at the retreat. I’m glad you could use the paper. Your work is beautiful. I loved what you did in Misty’s class too. You’re a very talented lady.

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