Let there be shoes

Let’s get one thing straight up front. This is not a blog entry about shoe shopping. The combination of my parents genes did not give me a foot friendly to many style of shoes; so in turn, a love of shoe shopping I hath not developed. It is a tedious and necessary evil.

But following my recent trip to Melbourne, I’ve decided that Melbourn-ites in particular must have a fascination with shoes. One walks the streets of a different city and normally notices statues, gardens, the smells of cafes, or the cold breeze upon one’s face. In Melbourne, I just kept noticing people’s shoes.

It started on a tram with a woman dressed in corporate black – tailored jacket and skirt – but this contrasted with her fish nets and pink and peach shoes. The attire reminded me of a mix and match children’s book really where the kid hadn’t quite figured out that those two halves weren’t meant to go together.

Then there was a petite young uni student – jeans and a regular top, but with gold lamae slippers; complete with bows on the front and elastic at the back.

The woman who could have been hard to pick in a sea of black bears was also an interesting sight. I had not the time to check out her shoes. I was too struck but her black bear overcoat and beanie.

And what was with that girl in Swanston street who had severe uggs? You know the ones that go half way up your shins with super double fat sheep’s wool at the top, worn on the outside of jeans… but… she was sporting only a skimpy t-shirt. Perhaps she is of the philosophy warm feet, warm body.

Even on the plane on the way home I could not escape one more pair of weird shoes. Have you ever seen knee high black boots that are beaded with small tassels like a 1920s flapper dress? Of course you have to have the leopard skin roll on luggage to go with it and the 1970s red, orange and black diamond dress to match. I do not lie… one could not make up that combination

But I leave the most interesting to last. The shoes? Rollerblades. Nothing so spectacular there. Even the knee pads and crash helmet were not so out of the ordinary. You have to add the two mutts on leads being called and guided like huskies pulling a one man sled to truly get a taste of this experience. ‘Left!’ cried the rollerbladder, and off these two little dogs ran, pulling their wheeled cargo. To top it off, he had decorated his helmet with a plume of feathers and a plastic figurine. The first time I saw him, I thought it was a super-hero atop his helmet. But the second time, I got a closer look and it was more like Jesus, or Moses perhaps. And don’t think me rude when I say second time… it was no double take on my behalf. I just happened to see this rollerblading sledster on two separate days in two totally different suburbs. Strange, but true. But I have to applaud his ingenuity. And hey… the dogs seem to be having a fantastic time!


Posted on May 21, 2008, in Waffle and Nonsense. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. How can you not love shoes!!
    I can never have enough shoes and Melbourne is the place to buy – well almost anything. Great shopping. Maybe the intrepid skater was getting into training for some big Husky race in Alaska minus the huskies. They dogies were very cute and luckily he was not a giant of a man so they had no trouble pulling him along.
    Life is always showing you a different side.
    Live long and prosper.

  2. The roller bladder is becoming a well known character of Melbourne. He’s often mentioned on the radio.

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