Thread doodling

Thread doodling

I would love to add fabric to my mixed media art. I was never very familiar with a sewing machine. An impediment to both dress making and mixed media fabric art.

In April 2007 I went to a vintage clothing show in Sydney. As I wandered around I saw so many lush garments that I would have adored. But being a vintage show, it isn’t like you can say don’t you have it in a smaller size? They are one of a kind pieces and one would have to be very lucky to find the style one wanted, in a size that fit!

So not long after that I started sewing lessons. 10 months later, I have made about half a dozen garments.

I have been fortunate to find a dress making teacher who doesn’t mind the odd detour. I spent part of my lesson yesterday being shown different ways to use the machine to achieve the effect I wanted in my art.

I had one go at this before and it wasn’t that easy. However armed with my newly acquired knowledge I embarked on another piece – this time with far greater confidence. I am delighted with the result. As fabric art goes, it is very simple but we all must start somewhere. It is really just a doodle with thread.


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  1. wow – you have been busy again. the thread collage sounds interesting. Like the look of your new stencils. I hope you bring them to art.

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