Collage experiments

For every finished piece of art, there seems another handful of incomplete pieces. I have literally piles of work that reached a certain point and fizzled out.

The collage piece below was an opportunity to play with techniques and different materials with abandon. I have a habit of slicing and dicing materials up when they reach a certain point and do not seem to work as a whole. I reason with myself that I can always stick them back together. I probably should have taken the photograph before I got out the stanley knife, but the picture is good enough to make out an approximate of what it looked like before any hacking occurred.

This is a hodge podge of materials. It contains white tissue paper, brown tissue paper from old dress patterns, black and white photocopies of images, fibre paper, old dictionary print, part of a sudoku puzzle, acrylic paint, gel medium, Caran D’ache neocolor I’s – technically wax oil pastels but think crayon and machine sewn stitching (part of the experiment that went wrong!)

Trying to describe this picture is going to be a challenge but here goes: how about pigs breakfast? Collaged images with no central focus point. The outer edges are lighter, with darker imagery in a cross style pattern which leaked out of the cross pattern at the bottom! Most of the edges of the collaged images are torn and not clearly defined geometric shapes, some pieces ‘bleed’ into each other. It has orange, brown and earthy tones combined with flashes of sky blue and deeper blue at the outer extremities. Embedded images include

  • a black bateleur eagle
  • a wrinkled hand
  • butterflies
  • miscellaneous words
  • numbers from a sudoku puzzle
  • a blackĀ & white finely drawn sketch of a gathered and full blouse with a sailor collar
  • filligree patterned ‘feathers’ in a slightly fan shape, and
  • a sepia photograph; probably 19th century or early 20th century of two men, neither smiling, both moustached and in formal suits.

After reading all those images no wonder I think that it doesn’t work as a cohesive whole. What on earth do those things have in common?


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