Cat antics

Meet Dexter, my friendly backyard visitor. Other photos of him are on my flickr site: scroobious_pip

This evening I opened my backdoor to have a wet racing 1 year old little man rush past my legs and nose to nose with chilli. It’s about the 3rd time that Dexter has managed to get inside the unit. He’s bloody quick! It’s lovely to have a backyard visitor.

I have since learned that at present Dexter is an untagged visitor as he has ditched his collar – and not for the first time. And the last one was so cute in green and purple as well.

His energy is adorable. Much like the energy of this feline filmed in the link below providing “assistance”. I love cat assistance. If you are reading a book, they’ll help by sitting on it. If you want to cut fabric, well what a great game it is to chase the billowing fabric. (Chilli is my excuse for not completing sewing homework!) If you are running late for work, that’s when they will use the sandbox and then relish watching you try to hurriedly empty it, refresh the pellets and still get out the door on time.

So for a little more assistance, check out this fantastic video of printer help: via this link.

Description of Picture: A one year old male domestic short hair tabby and white. White nose, mouth, chest and underbelly. Stripey front legs with paws dipped in white; his back legs are mostly white. Strong tabby markings tending towards a black and light grey, with pronounced stripes on his back upper legs and almost circular markings on his side. Not that you can see them in this picture! Like a little boy who hasn’t quite grown into his body he is long, slim, sleek with a small face and head. His petite size but quick speed and mischievious nature remind me of a well dressed and spoken private school boy who misbehaves at every opportunity.)


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