The painting on the right titled ‘dare’ was completed after watching an Ann Baldwin DVD by creative catalyst productions. I’d hyperlink to both her site and theirs if I only knew how. (Note to self: add to learning list).

I own a number of creative catalyst DVDs. Ann Baldwin’s DVD has a special significance for me.

It arrived in the middle of an extreme slump. For the first time in my life I was living alone. I moved out of my family home and clearly forgot to give creativity the correct address. While I missed someone else cooking dinner, I missed my painting more! I think it went for a detour via Finland before eventually returning to me.

Of course the upshot, was that my creativity, whilst on the world tour, gathered up some new concepts for me. Once creativity, with blistered feet to rival a backpacker finally collapsed back through my door, it came bearing gifts. These gifts are the sort you look at on Christmas morning and wonder what the hell they are and what you are going to do with them, but the sheer fact that they have arrived is exciting enough! If you ever have the mis-fortune to meet creativity – troublesome girl that she is – you can ask her why I have an asian lady seemingly flying through air, with some blue checks and DARE hovering above her. Creativity didn’t explain it to me, perhaps she will indulge your questioning.

Why are my pictures described? I have spent 9 years of my life working for an organisation which assists individuals who are blind or have low vision. Whilst I may not have a single visitor to my blog who is blind/vi, for some reason I feel that it is important to include description. Accessibility can be complicated, if not pernickety, and the irony may be that the blog is not accessible to screen readers!

I also was thinking about describing my paintings and thought that it could be quite novel to do so. Whilst I describe this painting as having a sense of movement, others may disagree!



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  1. Great sense of depth in this work. Love the colours, Mx

  2. Always liked this piece. I think it’s a great idea to describe the pieces. I imagine that sometimes your description of the piece will present a new aspect as yet unseen by some viewers.

  3. Lysh –

    Nice work.

    You can add hyperlinks when composing your blog post – in the options (along with making text bold or italics). Alternatively you can do it manually using a HTML tag (I’ve emailed you the code).


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