Chalk and cheese

This blog came about thanks to my brother. While we are oft chalk and cheese, this is an example of where our quirkiness combined. He knows that I love both Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear and located a suitable Lear ‘doodle’ for my banner page of his own accord. I instantly loved it. Thank you.

but back to being chalk and cheese… (can I be epicure, port salut or a fine blue? I don’t want to be a bland processed cheese slice)… my brother possesses technical flair. I possess logic. It takes me a while to be brave enough to enter new arenas and catch on to new concepts. I am like the tortoise who gets there in the end though… So while he would have lit up the front page with fireworks by now, I’m still figuring out the categories menu. Categories, of course, I can do… because that is English! Blogroll, slugs, plugins, feeds, chomps, hyperextending cats… it’s worse than Carrollian nonsense because the words do actually mean something… just not to me!

So please be patient whilst I make friends with slugs. I know that you will, like my good friend 21st century Alice, be crying out “What is the use of a blog without pictures?” If it is all too new too quick, I’ll call chalk again and hope his patience with the crumbly cheese persists.


Posted on February 23, 2008, in Waffle and Nonsense and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Good to see you are getting the hang of the bloggin’, let me know when you get flickr all setup and I’ll show you how to blog from there directly.

    Cheers –
    Brother David.

  2. Bravo! From someone with neither technical know how, nor logic, I am indeed impressed and envious at your ability to get this baby up and running! Go forth I like the pictures, but am not a friend to cats, therefore no comments there.

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