In 1888, Edward Lear died. In 1898, Lewis Carrol died. In 2008, they make me laugh.

“On the top of the crumpetty tree the quangle wangle sat. But his face you could not see on account of his Beaver Hat. For his Hat was a hundred and two feet wide, with ribbons and bibbons on every side, and bells, and buttons, and loops, and lace, so that nobody ever could see the face of the quangle wangle quee.” (Edward Lear)

I’d like to know where to purchase a beaver hat to hide my face. The day started well, but ended with sadness, frustration and anger. In nonsensical terms, henny penny’s friend goosey lucy became foxy loxy’s lunch. The irony of this is that goosey lucy said only yesterday that geese are not good eating… duck is better! Foxy loxy must have missed that critical point…


Posted on February 22, 2008, in Waffle and Nonsense. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. I’d recommend you put this in a category, to keep track of the types of your posts 🙂


  2. I love it! True Lysh style, welcome to the work of blogging, I look forward to many interesting posts! Ux

  3. Lysh,
    What’s it all for – why not a chat or an email – now we need a blog too!
    I’m too old to be bothered.
    However, for what it’s worth , it feels a little like a page from your diary (with pictures)so it is a pretty good gauge of who you are & how you think!

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